Taj Hotel- The Pride of India

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The Foundation

The history of the best run chain of hotels The Taj group of hotels is quite an interesting one. History goes back to the19th century when the hotel industry was almost nonexistent and the only Hotel that catered to the British need was the Watson Esplanade Hotel.

Our very own Iron man of India and the man who brought about a revolution in the making of India with his steel plant Mr Jamshedji Tata felt the need for a good, grand Hotel and had a vision to build one to resurrect the image of India and attract people visiting India. So was born a hotel the Taj Palace and finally in 1903 was inaugurated and opened for all.

The First ever Taj Palace

It’s very first harbour hotel “The Taj Palace” with all its grandeur in Mumbai facing the Majestic Arabian Sea welcomes tourists and is the most important destination and Landmark of Mumbai-The Gateway of India which was built 21 years after the Hotel was built. That makes it a real historic monument and in all means the Pride of India and has been hosts to some of the most celebrated guests, eminent personalities and royal families across the globe. The Taj Palace proudly completed its centenary in 2003 with a total new, renovated look and hoping to cross the milestone of yet another hundred years.

It’s Grandeur

The comfort, the royal palatial decorum with chandeliers, Anglo Indian inlaid chairs and tables, the fine artifacts, the incorporation of modern needs as well as traditional cultural values, well maintained suites, resorts and palaces not only attracted Maharajas but also other royal kings, religious heads, eminent political leaders, celebrities and artists.

It’s Existence across the globe

Being Asia’s finest and largest hotel company today The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) with its subsidiaries under the banner The Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces have made a place internationally as well. With the vision of Jamshedji Tata coming true they have spread across the seas and in total have 99 hotels in 55 locations out of which 16 are international hotels spread across Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.

Its Brands

Spreading its wings across states, towns and cities in India we find Taj at hotspot modern business destinations, tourist’s spots, hill stations, beach resorts, historic landmarks and palaces, adventurous safaris and renowned pilgrim places. Taj has branded itself into 4 categories namely.

  • The Taj- The premium brand

The very flagship premium brand of Luxurious resorts and palaces with authentic comfortable experience with a blend of modern amenities and traditional cultural values the Taj spells Luxury in this brand. This also includes

  • The Taj Exotica which is located at the prime exotic destinations present in Maldives and Goa
  • The Taj Safari which comprises of the wildlife lodge brand at high ended forest destinations.
  • Vivanta By Taj

The vivanta would be a business as well as vacation travellers need with its contemporary luxury hotel brand and follows second to the premium brand.

  • Gateway Hotels

The mid market brand of hotel known as the Gateway Hotels after the Vivanta again catering to business and vacation destinations and keeping in mind the very average traveller its simple and elegant.

  • Ginger and Other hotels

The very economy class and basic brand of hotels across India. With its warm and friendly staff, fine dining, authentic international as well as Indian cuisine, promise of luxury has won itself accolades of prestigious awards thus carving a niche in the Hospitality Industry and making it the number one brand in the Hotel Industry.

The Taj group is growing in lead and bounds in the hospitality industry and want to keep up the brand at the highest as Jameshji Tata dreamt. Here we see the virtual vision of a legend come true. The Taj hotels is truly “The Pride of India

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